Access Sport


Access Sport are a passionate bunch that really believe in what they do. Making a difference is important us too - so we love working with them to help improve young people lives across the UK.
Access Sport was set up in 2004 with a simple aim - to give more children, particularly in disadvantaged areas, access to a wide range of quality local sport. They harness the proven power of sport to tackle social exclusion, inactivity and obesity in areas where help is most needed.

...Ikonika has played a key role in helping to promote Access Sport. Their designs for our events and corporate materials have been integral in making these events a success. We are particularly indebted for their brilliant logo for our new and incredibly successful 'Ride Around London' fundraising event. It captured vividly exactly what we wanted. They are very easy to work with, good at listening and most importantly excellent at translating ideas into effective and creative designs... Mark Hardie, CEO


Gym Challenge Illustration

Access Sport Dinner 2010